Tuesday, July 27, 2010

#8: Religion

Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Americans became incredibly vocal against something called "Islamist Extremism" (see also Islamic Fundamentalism). Every American had an opinion about this new danger to America - everyone sounding off about how backwards Muslims were because of their religious zeal. Ahem. Pot, meet Kettle.

Of course, hyporcicy knows no bounds in this great country of ours and Americans just love pointing out in others the very faults that make us suck so much. Really? Muslims are zealous? I'm not saying they aren't, but I think it's fair to say that, as far as religious fundamentalism goes, we're probably tied for first with our friends in the Middle East. Abortion clinic bombings, hate crimes against homosexuals, the Klan, prejudices - all of these have roots in the engrained American Judaeo-Christian orthodoxy.

This has been the dominant religious, cultural and political paradigm in this country since the beginning. While folks in the 17th century may not have called it Judaeo-Christian, the fact remains they were following those practices, which are primarily based in the religious ideology of the Old Testament. Essentially, it is this: if you don't follow the prescribed moral instruction of the Old Testament/Torah, you will be smote by God. Smiting most often comes in the form of some angry white dudes doing terrible things to you (and sometimes to your goat too).

The first example this kind of justice occurred in the latter half of the 17th century when colonists, disturbed by women speaking out of turn, decided to accuse these women of witchcraft and burn the miserable bitches at the stake. This particular group of witch-burning fundamentalists was led by Cotton Mather (Increase's son)- the ideological great-great-great-great-grandfather of such fine, upstanding Americans as Joe McCarthy, Pat Robertson, Sean Hannity, and Newt Gingrich (and I'm pretty sure he's the guy Ann Coulter masturbates to every night in front of an alter).

From there it snowballed - Native American genocide, slavery, anti-Chinese leagues, etc, etc, etc. In modern times, the good Judaeo-Christian men and women of America make sure that homosexuals, Muslims, Indians, atheists, communists, and everyone else who holds beliefs different from the American way are perfectly aware that they are NOT welcome. No, we're not burning women en masse for witchcraft anymore, nor have we flown any planes into the cultural centers of any Islamic nations (er, wait a minute), but we do like to occasionally beat, maim, and murder homosexuals and tie them to fences. Shit, yeah! God LOVES US!

Most Americans don't want to hear such things. Afterall, America is the greatest nation in the free world. We can do NO wrong. God is on our side - shit, God blesses America (it's in a song). Well, guess what. There are a lot of people halfway around the world who thinks God blesses them too. Guess we'll know whom God loves more by who's left standing.


  1. I have just found your blog, and I think I'm in love. Awesome. In your first thing about white people, I noticed, you didn't mention an important fact though. It's no white people. It's *straight* white people.

    Keep it up, please.


  2. americans have also sone a lot of good in the name of religion as well...

  3. I just discovered your blog, and I think it's pretty awesome. I love texts where peoe just rant about the stuff that pisses them off. The thing about it, though, is you only have one side to your arguments. They might be more effective if you made allowances for the other side. A lot less fun though.

  4. That was beautiful. Too bad noone inside america will read it and maybe slightly recognize their faults. Oh but I have to disagree, 9/11 wasn't a Al Qaeda mission.

  5. America staged 9/11. Kinda like when the hippies thought we staged the moon landing. The American demographic has been skeptical of society ever since Prohibition and pictures of demons surrounding the imbimbed. Not to mention the way we shoveled aside marijuana and other injustices that created a corrupt government regimn against free will and placationally forgoing ever since those families stated thier hopes and fucking dreams for this piece of LaNd and government officials started getting ideas. Why? Because a cave and two way radio based terrorist network knew single handedly how to play the stock market and entirely nullify the 90's by having roullete 21 captains call of a military strike in a nation of cowardardice? Well... Bush was advised strongly to officialy declare war on Afghanistan and Iraq, simply because we needed the oil to lower gas pricesband stimulate the economy. In otherwords, the goverment declared lives death to begin a ideological assault on life development toward a truly liberated and free nation. Is it because self will is really that dangerous?. No, its because the goverment had assemblies (not researched fully) on narcotics and became scared that thier way of life since NIxon and rEAGaN was being threatened and to incrimate the source of American consumerism under the infamous and inscrutable fifties moniker, the car. If theres going to be terror, target family ideals and truly what safety is... control over possession of a credential and place, in the place of gun control suppliers and the repression of a wrath that only America is unintitled to but practices prodigeously in the name of God... TO DOMINATE a People and declare soviergnty in the name of a nation of no faith, trust, or even Godly practice, to be spit upon in the name of avid consumerism, And, the small minority of white picket fenced middle class families, to dominate a whole Religion in the name of irs pathetic and overarched sense of a conformist life that makes the Christian form of a divine being look pathetic and even fake. Through my eyes, half of America will be in hell for sacraficing thier own souls on a congenial hearthrob and Lays crackers. What in the world has this Nation come to?

  6. The valleysvof forgery run all the way back to when phew America was created. Be just and fear not. The end is coming, that way this nations pulse and life way can be tested against the only things that matter: Freedom, Death, and Life They and I including stand without fear at the gates of damnation to enforce a life that runs on the compressed lifevexperience of a semi-moral cat. Beware. We all want to Per se fy this nation for its absolut failure as a moral substantiary, or God's own true advocate...